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Growth & Development,Career Development,Ortho/Rehab OT and PT Professional Advancement and Recognition Program,Levels of Practice

Expert Clinician

Expert Clinician - Growth & Development, Career Development, Ortho/Rehab OT and PT Professional Advancement and Recognition Program, Levels of Practice


At this level practice, the therapist intuitively understands the situation and the action to take. Expert clinicians have a broad knowledge base and likely have in depth knowledge of a specific area or areas of clinical practice. The manner and degree of engagement and involvement with clients, families, caregivers, and care team members is finely tuned. They skillfully work with and through others. Therapists at this level anticipate current and future needs of those being served and take action accordingly. Expert clinicians are seen as leaders at an organizational, local, regional, and/or national level. Expert clinicians are highly skilled at directing the advancement of specific aspects of clinical practice.