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Interview - Growth & Development, Career Development, Ortho/Rehab OT and PT Professional Advancement and Recognition Program


The interview process is a way for the Review Board to collect objective information about your practice. Interview questions will be formulated based on analysis of the information you provide, which include your chart review, clinical case presentation, clinical narrative, cover letter, portfolio, and if applicable, case report. The interview will be recorded and assessed by all Review Board members. In most cases, the interview questions will be organized into categories coinciding with the application tools.

An interview will be conducted for each applicant for professional advancement. In the interview, a majority of the questions asked will be behavioral in nature. Behavioral questions are based on the premise that past behavior predicts future behavior. Rather than providing hypothetical answers, applicants are asked to provide specific examples from their actual practice. Behavioral interview questions ask about past experiences as they relate to specific and concrete situations. A sample question might be "Tell me about a specific time when you influenced the outcome of a team project by taking a leadership role." The interview responses are expected to demonstrate how the applicant meets the elements of the practice model continuum at the level applied for.

In order to prepare for this type of interview, think of concrete examples of how you have demonstrated that your practice meets the criteria in each theme and sub theme in the Practice Model Continuum.

It is recommended that the applicant review the medical records of the patients chosen for the documentation review. Interview questions may require describing clinical decision-making rationale for actions related to the patient’s course of care.  

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