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Documentation Review

Documentation Review - Growth & Development, Career Development, Ortho/Rehab OT and PT Professional Advancement and Recognition Program


Documentation review is a tool to assess practice in a number of ways, especially in regards to providing an overview of the therapist's evaluation, interventions, clinical decision making and outcomes. Documentation review also provides information regarding the therapist's ability to communicate using the medical record as well as his/her ability to meet compliance requirements.

The documentation review requirement in the PAR model is different than the current annual chart review process that occurs for all occupational therapists and physical therapists because the documentation review is done primarily to assess components of practice across application themes and sub-themes of the Practice Model Continuum. Elements of the documentation review are used to develop questions during the interview process. Three (3) documentation reviews are conducted with one (1) of the reviews coming from the therapist's Clinical Case Presentation (Advanced Clinician) or Case Report (Expert Clinician). 

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