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Clinical Narrative

Clinical Narrative - Growth & Development, Career Development, Ortho/Rehab OT and PT Professional Advancement and Recognition Program


The Clinical Narrative is a tool that allows therapists to describe their practice within a specific case (over a number of days or treatment sessions) or at a specific point in time. The Clinical Narrative is a document written in an informal manner in the first person used to facilitate reflection regarding practice and to provide opportunities in which to show a therapist's practice level across the themes and sub themes of the Practice Model Continuum. The Clinical Narrative provides the writer with the opportunity to address critical components of care including communication, teamwork, patient advocacy, critical thinking skills and other areas. 

What is a Clinical Narrative?

What should the Clinical Narrative be about?

What should be included in the Clinical Narrative?

What are some of the tips for writing an effective Clinical Narrative?

Sample Clinical Narratives 

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