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Growth & Development,Career Development,Ortho/Rehab OT and PT Professional Advancement and Recognition Program

Clinical Case Presentation

Clinical Case Presentation - Growth & Development, Career Development, Ortho/Rehab OT and PT Professional Advancement and Recognition Program


All occupational therapists and physical therapists are required to present an annual Clinical Case Presentation that is used to provide learning opportunities for the therapist conducting the presentation as well as those attending the presentation. This presentation is an important tool to assist with professional development as well as a tool for therapists to describe their clinical decision making within a patient case scenario.

The Clinical Case Presentation format asks each therapist to present a specific patient case and to discuss clinical decision making surrounding the patient's care (i.e. evaluation, intervention, progress, evidence-based treatment with literature citations, lessons learned, etc.). This presentation is used as a tool to assess practice at all four practice levels and will follow departmental guidelines.

Additionally, the Review Board requires that applicants seeking advancement to Advanced Clinician submit their Clinical Case Presentation along with their application materials.  The Clinical Case Presentation should highlight the applicant's clinical decision-making throughout the patient/client management process. The written documentation should include the applicant's presentation materials and any additional handouts provided at the time the presentation was made.  Applicants should also include a reference list and paper copies of the 2-3 most applicable references. 

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