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Tips for Writing a Resume

Tips for Writing a Resume - Growth & Development, Career Development, Jobs and Transfers


Many promotional opportunities within UW Health require submitting a resume and a cover letter to apply. Here are some tips to help you: 


  1. Try to keep your resume to 1-2 pages in length. Make sure to highlight your best "selling points" on the first page.
  2. Your name and contact information should be listed first at the top of the page. Make sure all contact information is current and list e-mail addresses only if you check them daily.
  3. Some people use an "Objective" portion of a resume to emphasis the specific position you are looking for and describing the specific skills you have.
  4. Other people use a "Professional Summary" portion if they have many years of experience in which they want to highlight certain aspects of their career that would be applicable to the job. Use this area to highlight skills that may be listed in a job description.
  5. If you have 1-2 years or greater of relevant experience for the position you are applying for, "Experience" should be listed next on the resume.
    a. List the experience from the most recent to the least recent. For each experience, list the name of the facility and the city, state and your position. List start and end dates (month/year) for each position.
    b. In a short paragraph (3-5 sentences), summarize your job "responsibilities," describing the type of work, where you work (size and type of company), and normal tasks you performed. Include an "accomplishment" portion and highlight 2-4 things that you excelled at or went "above and beyond."
    c. If your job experience is unrelated to the position, try to describe the "transferable skills" that relate to the position (such as describing a restaurant hostess position as using customer service skills).
  6. If you have less than two years of experience and are a recent new graduate, list your education before experience.
    1. List the name of the school and the name of the degree you earned.
    2. List your graduation date as month/year. If you haven't graduated, state "Anticipated Graduation Date: month/year."
  7. If you have professional experience but recently earned an advanced degree, list experience first, but highlight your advanced degree in the "Professional Summary" and in your cover letter.