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Job Openings and Transfers (UWMF)

Job Openings and Transfers (UWMF) - Growth & Development, Career Development, Jobs and Transfers


Effective Date: 12/5/2009
Supersedes Guideline Date: 07/01/08   


To establish a uniform policy and procedure for hiring individuals to fill vacant positions at University of Wisconsin Medical Foundation (UWMF).


The Human Resources (HR) Department's Recruitment Team will coordinate all hiring activities and ensure that proper processes and procedures are followed. All UWMF open positions will be posted and viewable through Taleo: Employees.

Internal candidates may apply for open positions through Employee Self Service. In addition to meeting the minimum qualifications of the position, internal candidates must be in their current role a minimum of 6 months and be meeting all performance expectations to be considered eligible for transfer/promotion (no employee disciplinary action/improvement reports within the last 6 months).

If qualified, internal candidate's application information will be forwarded to the hiring manager. Internal candidates may or may not have the opportunity to interview dependent upon the status of the candidate pool.

Hiring managers are responsible for reviewing applications, selecting candidates, conducting on-site interviews and complete internal reference checks. Human Resources will verbally make a formal offer of employment to the final candidate. Once a verbal offer is accepted, Human Resources will inform all applicants who were interviewed of the decision. If the candidate who accepted the position is an internal employee it is recommended he/she will give a three-week notice or managers will work out an appropriate transfer date.


Employee Self-Service

Taleo: Employees

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