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Risk Management, Accounts Payable and Deposits

Risk Management, Accounts Payable and Deposits - Departments & Programs, UW Medical Foundation

The UW Medical Foundation HMO Reimbursement, Accounts Payable and Risk Management department handles relationships between UWMF and vendors, HMO contracts and insurance functions. The HMO Reimbursement, Accounts Payable, Refunds and Risk Management teams perform all of the necessary duties related to this department's day-to-day activities.



HMO Reimbursement: The HMO Reimbursement Team is responsible for understanding, analyzing and disseminating information related to HMO contracts and professional revenue including: HMO risk allocations, IBNR for PPIC or UNITY, monthly capitation checks and cap split between divisions, membership for PPIC or UNITY, and reconcilliations on other contracts (GHC). The HMO Reimbursement Team also provides utilization analysis and reviews HMO contract performance.

Accounts Payable: Accounts Payable is responsible for the day-to-day processing of vendor invoices and Physician / Employee Expense Reimbursements. Invoices are authorized for payment by Clinic Coordinators, Department Administrators or other employees deemed responsible for expenses. Checks are written once per week.

Refunds: The Refund Team handles overpayments from patients and insurance companies. Refunds are authorized by the business office.

Risk Management: The Risk Management Team performs all insurance functions including: property/casualty, workers comp, directors and officers, fiduciary liability and professional liability coverages. The Risk Management Team reviews all incident reports. They also work with legal counsel and our insurance carrier to resolve non-physician malpractice issues.


Who do I contact for information about my malpractice insurance?

Physicians should contact the UWHC Risk Management Department at (608) 261-1327. Non-physician employees can contact UWMF Risk Management at (608) 821-4231 or (608) 821-4184.

How do I report a non-physician malpractice or a property claim?

Contact the UWMF Risk Management department at (608) 821-4231 or (608) 821-4187, or you can e-mail beverly.sears@uwmf.wisc.edu or tina.murray@uwmf.wisc.edu.

I need a check ASAP. Can this be done? Can I add one more invoice to the check run?

Accounts Payable checks are run on Thursdays. Completed invoices received by noon on Wednesday are processed for payment on Thursday. Completed invoices are invoices that have the proper approvals, back up documentation and coding. For internal control purposes, we try to not do special check runs. For exceptions to this policy, please contact Bev Sears, AP Manager, at (608) 821-4231 or beverly.sears@uwmf.wisc.edu or Tina Murray, AP Team Leader, at (608) 821-4187 or tina.murray@uwmf.wisc.edu.