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Registration and Technical Services

Registration and Technical Services - Departments & Programs, UW Medical Foundation

The Registration and Technical Services teams work together to accurately include patient information in UW Medical Foundation's system. Staff members use a variety of skills to make sure the registration process is as smooth as possible for patients.



Staffed by registrars located at the AOB, the Registration team verifies the demographic and insurance information for UW Health patients. The Registration department also staffs the check-in hubs at 1 S. Park, 20 S. Park, West Towne and East Towne. Additionally, registration staff works registration work queues associated with missing or inaccurate registration information and/or data interfaced into Epic.

Registration phone: (608) 287-2725 
Registration email: registration@uwmf.wisc.edu

Technical Services

The Technical Services team is responsible for a variety of technical registration-related activities, including:

This department is also responsible for the implementation and support of other billing-related programs, including SyMed (credentialing) and Ventura (encounter forms). The Technical Services team also prepares a variety of internal operating reports for PBS and conducts process analysis, system needs analysis, and/or preliminary cost/benefit analyses in an effort to fully exploit the functionality of existing systems and identify new technology solutions to support patient business services initiatives.

Technical Services email: technicalservices@uwmf.wisc.edu


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