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Payment of UWHC Bill by the VA

Payment of UWHC Bill by the VA - Departments & Programs, UW Medical Foundation, Patient Resources, Social Work Services Quick Guide, Social Work Manual, VA


At times, VA patients are admitted to the UWHC for care when the VA can not provide it. Examples include weekend ER admissions, and when they have no beds available.

When this happens, the VA considers paying the patient’s hospital bill after they meet certain criteria:

  1. They must have been seen at the VA within the past two years
  2. They must have NO other health insurance or 3rd party liability
  3. They must have been admitted under a “medical emergency”

All efforts should be made by the UWHC to transfer the patient back to the VA as soon as possible and document these efforts. Our admissions department calls the VA when it comes to their attention that this is a VA patient to “pre-authorize” an admission here. Additionally, our physicians should try to transfer the patient back to the VA when a bed becomes available.

Nancy Lutz (3-7847) is the person in our billing department that works with Mary Brock (256-1901 x1895) at the VA to facilitate these payments.

Both Nancy and Mary informed me that the patient need not “do” anything - that if they receive a bill, they should forward it to Mary at the VA (2500 Overlook Terrace, Madison, WI 53705) for consideration of payment.

The Continuity of Care team member can check with the VA as to whether they are likely to consider a payment by calling Mary. They can also notify Nancy via email (nlutz@uwhealth.org) that the VA is willing to consider payment and that a bill should be sent.

If the VA denies payment of the bill, an appeal can be filed with Fee Basis Department, 5000 W National Ave., Milwaukee, WI, 53295.