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Equipment and Supplies

Equipment and Supplies - Departments & Programs, UW Medical Foundation, Patient Resources, Social Work Services Quick Guide, Social Work Manual, UWHC, COC


Equipment problems

If you have an application problem with a program on Novell call the Help Desk @ 3-2060. At times the Network is down and the Help Desk can inform you if your problem is related to that. If you have a general operations question about any of the programs call me.


If the experience a problem with an office printer (those connected directly to your PC) call 2-8535 or pager # 5038. If the problem is with a networked printer (such as the one in the COC office) call the help desk @ 3-2060. Inform the help desk that you need assistance with a networked printer and Information Systems personnel will be notified by the Help Desk.

Office supplies

Call or email the department secretary with your request. Items purchased at local office supply stores are difficult to refund. The hospital has contracts with suppliers that we must order from.

General office supplies are ordered weekly - (paper, printer cartridges, pens, post-it notes, batteries) Let the department secretary know when you have a need.


Department Secretary can help you get a pager setup, changed or forwarded.