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First call First Transit at 1-877-725-0569 to give info re: transport need, diagnosis, and if patient needs WC, walker, etc. They will give you a reference number.

Then you can call one of the following companies to arrange transport:

1. AMS 1-815-232-2273

2. ATS 1-815-963-6885

3. Care Van 1-815-633-8461

All 3 of these companies will transport between WI and IL. In talking with one of these companies, they advised to FIRST call them and check availability of transport (if is it a WI/IL trip) before taking the time to call First Transit. They are not big companies and some of them only do 1-2 out of town trips a day so availability can be a big issue.

There are other companies that will provide only MA transportation within the state of IL.

Gas Reimbursement

Patients seeking money for gas reimbursement through "private auto" need to call (217) 782-0538 x3.

There is an application process. 

If approved, they are reimbursed 24 cents/mile (as of Nov 2011).