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Ambulance Guidelines for COC

Ambulance Guidelines for COC - Departments & Programs, UW Medical Foundation, Patient Resources, Social Work Services Quick Guide, Social Work Manual, Travel/Transportation, Ambulances


1) Both Curtis and Ryan Bros. will accept the UWHC Prescription for Ambulance form we have developed. All other ambulance vendors should also be encouraged to use our form.

2) DNR patients must have an "Out of Hospital" DNR bracelet placed prior to transport.

3) Ambulance requests should include the following information:

4) All arrangements for ambulance transportation should be discussed with the patient and family as appropriate. This includes an estimate of cost and responsibility for payment. The Resource Center can assist you with calling the insurance company to check benefit coverage. Please try to do this with everyone as appropriate. Don't just assume that the patient and family are unable to pay.

5) When you are requesting that UWHC cover the cost of ambulance transportation, you must do the following:


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