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Waiver Code

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A patient's family had intended on going to Disneyland this week but the trip was cancelled due to a new cancer diagnosis.

The family had booked their airline tickets with Travelocity and were flying with AirTran.

I called both companies separately and they both pointed the finger at the other company as being responsible for issuing a refund.

After 90 minutes on the phone, I found out that I needed a "waiver code" from the airline.

The trick for me was to get a representative of the airline on the phone, and have them call Travelocity with me as a three way call.

At this point, Travelocity could no longer transfer me onto the indefinite holding pattern or tell me that the airline was refusing to cooperate.

So the lesson I learned is: if you find yourself dealing with a travel agency and airline, remember the term "waiver code" and ask to be connected to the other company with a three way call.