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Professional Development Council

Professional Development Council - Departments & Programs, UW Medical Foundation, Patient Resources, Social Work Services Quick Guide, Social Work Manual, Social Work Council


Chairs: Kristi Hoops and Lisa Ziegler

Members: Kristin Arnold, Debra Borquist-Conlon, Lisa Heinrichs, Kristi Hoops, Joyce Kilgore-Carlin, Jennifer Schroeder, Catelyn Schwerke, Meredith Vitaioli, Lisa Ziegler


Education: Plan to utilize resources and knowledge of current Education Committee to meet Continuing Education requirements.

Clinical Supervision:

1. Actual supervision for licensing or credentialing- needs some more investigation regarding:

a) Whether we do the type of work that would qualify for Advanced Practice Social Work or Certified Independent Social Worker.

b) Is there any interest?

2. Clinical supervision more as a form or mentoring or on an as requested basis for the various problems we encounter

Mentoring: Some process for new hires beyond just visiting different units to help them learn the clinic, practical, hospital structure, team dynamics, computer aspects of their job. I envision this as a weekly or so meeting once the social worker is on their unit doing the job.

Case Conferences: Perhaps a monthly meeting to present 1 or 2 cases, maybe even get a CEH

Student Support Group: A weekly meeting for social work students. Also develop a survey of field supervisors to see how we can better support them in supervising field students.

Journal Review Lunches: Opportunity to discuss current issues, research in Social Work literature.