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20% Medicare MD Charges for Transplant Hospital Stay

20% Medicare MD Charges for Transplant Hospital Stay - Patient Resources, Social Work Services Quick Guide, Social Work Manual, Population Specific, Transplant, Kidney Transplant, Financial


One example from 2013

I wanted to try to help you both get a better sense of what typical expenses might look like for someone who is considering transplant at our Center and does not have a secondary insurance to Medicare (which is your situation).

In 2013, Medicare part A will cover your hospital stay room charges after a deductible of $1184.00. This means that this is what you will be charged for your liver transplant. This is a fixed expense, set by Medicare yearly.

In addition to the part A (hospital) deductible, there are doctor's charges. Medicare part B will cover 80% of the doctor's charges while you are in the hospital. It is hard to get a specific cost as this is based on how many doctors you see while you are in the hospital and how long you are in the hospital (the longer you are in or the more sick you are after transplant, the more doctor charges you will have).

I did contact our billing department to determine an "average" of these doctor's charges. She said that a typical transplant patient may have about 1600$ worth of doctors charges that they are responsible for paying after Medicare pays the 80%.

So here is the breakdown:

Hospital Stay: 1184.00 (fixed amount)

Doctors Charges: 1600.00 (only an estimate)

Total (your responsibility): 2784.00

Again, this is only a BEST GUESS. Your responsibility for Part B charges could be less or more. However, I hope this gives you a better idea as to what to expect so you can make decisions about moving forward.