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Pediatric Support Groups

Pediatric Support Groups - Departments & Programs, UW Medical Foundation, Patient Resources, Social Work Services Quick Guide, Social Work Manual, Population Specific, Pediatrics


Acabar con el Abuse- Ending Abuse

(608) 277-0610

A group for Latino/Hispanic males who have used physical, emotional, verbal, or psychological abuse in their relationships. This twenty-six week group, conducted in Spanish, will help members understand the dynamics of power and control, and their use of violence and how they can stop it. The group will examine culturally appropriate ways of resolving conflict and strengthening relationships though the use of healthy communication, empathy, respect, and non-controlling behaviors. 

Adoption Information and Direction

 (920) 336-3005 (Contact- Maureen Vanden Hogen)
Support group for adoptees, birthparents, and adoptive parents.

After a Suicide- Mental Health Center of Dane County

(608) 280-2700

SOS Support Group for all family members, friends, and acquaintances of persons who have died by suicide.

Al-Anon Family

(608) 241-6644

Support groups and info for families of alcoholics.

Autism Society of Greater Madison

(608) 213-8519

Open to individuals, parents, family members, and friends dealing with an Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Bereavement - Hospicecare, Inc

(608) 276-4660

Grief support groups are offered at various locations throughout HospiceCare’s service area; they provide a safe and supportive environment to talk about thoughts and feelings and to find support from others who are sharing similar experiences. 

Birthparent Support Group

1-888-485-7385 or (608) 270-6635 (Contact- Trish or Alice)
Ongoing free support group for birthparents that have placed a child for adoption.

Candle Lighters Childhood Cancer Foundation- Capital Candlelighters

(608) 231-8006 (Contact- Anne Spurgeon)

Programs and services include new diagnosis care bags, hero bead program, Candlelighters books, family activities, support group meetings, Ashley's Med box, Pre-paid gas cards and phone cards.


(608) 663-2281 and/or (608) 230-6178

Support groups for parents who have school-aged children with ADHD and for adults with ADHD.

Community Ties (training, intervention, and evaluation series)

(608) 263-5962

Provides community training and consultation relevant to children and adults who have developmental disabilities and present behavioral challenges. 

Compassionate Friends

(608) 835-7493

Support Group for bereaved family members.

Depression Group

(608) 256-2358

This therapy group is designed for people suffering from depression. The facilitator will use a Cognitive-Behavioral approach designed to help participants detect and unscramble the negative thoughts which can cause depression. 

Down Syndrome Support Group

(608) 835-7062 (Contact- Carol)

Support group for families who have a child with Down Syndrome.

En Camino a la Sanacion

(608) 256-2358

This group is for Spanish speaking men and women who are struggling with mental health issues and want support and guidance in dealing with them. 

Epilepsy Foundation of South Central Wisconsin

(608) 442-5555

Support groups for those who have epilepsy or have family members with epilepsy.

Family Enhancement

(608) 251-9496

Offer many groups and workshops in various locations throughout Madison and Dane County. All groups are open to general attendance while at the same time, some are targeted more specifically to Spanish speakers, pregnant and parenting teens, or parents of adolescents and teenagers.

Parents Place program provides education, support, information, and referral to parents.

Grandparents United for Children’s Right

(608) 238-8751

Support for grandparents raising grandchildren and grandparents seeking visitation.

Kids Can Cope

(608) 258-6336 (Peggy Weber)

Educational groups are set up in schools for children who have serious illness or family members dealing with death. Kids are taught about illness, grief, emotions, reducing their stress, and use of resources to take care of themselves. 

La Leche League

Multiple Loactions with Multiple Contacts- one is (608) 226-0856 (Contact- Laurel)

All women, especially those pregnant or nursing, are invited to join other mothers in discussions. Babies are always welcome. 

MOMS Club Madison Area

(608) 467-1316(E), (608) 271-1798(SW), or (608) 831-9768 (W) Madison

Support groups for all mothers, including playgroups, MOMS Night Out, field trips. Children are welcome.

MUMS National Parent-to-Parent Support Group

(920) 336-5333

A national Parent-to-Parent organization for parents or care providers of a child with any disability, rare disorder, chromosomal abnormality, or health condition. Offer support to parents in the form of a networking system that matches them with other parents whose children have the same or similar condition.

OASIS- Canopy Center

(608) 241-4888

Therapy for those who have been affected by incest or child sexual abuse- children and teen groups as well as groups for non-offending parents or caregivers. 

Parenting Paths

(608) 316-1110

This program is for parents who have used excessive discipline or are struggling with managing the behavior of their children. Emphasis is on nurturing parenting skills, and effective discipline. The program may include a combination of family, individual, and group sessions to best meet individual needs.

Parents of Murdered Children-Central Wisconsin Chapter

(608) 821-0050

For the families and friends of those who have died by violence.

Postpartum Depression Therapy Group

(608) 256-2358

This group is designed for new mothers to understand how past experiences/patterns may contribute to current depression or anxiety. Strategies to reduce depression and anxiety, better meet one’s won needs, and improve mother-child relationships will be offered. Several of the 12 sessions will include the baby’s father.

Survivors of Suicide

(608) 280-2435

Support group run by the Mental Health Center of Dane County for adults who are grieving the death of a loved one who died by suicide. 

Teen Parenting program

(608) 251-8850

Provides teen parents with resources to overcome barriers to achievement – works with Madison metropolitan school district. 

Women’s Group

(608) 256-2358 (Contact- Celia) * Spanish Speaking

This group meets once a week to combat isolation, specifically for women with issues of depression, anxiety, relationship problems, and cultural adjustment. 

Women’s Therapy Group

(608) 256-2358

This group provides an opportunity for women to share and work on common issues in a safe environment. Structure and topics are tailored to the needs of group members and frequently include self-esteem, setting personal boundaries, self-care, stress management, and the effects of trauma.

Women Surviving Domestic Violence Support Group

(608) 251-4445

Drop-in support group for women dealing with the effects of emotional, physical, and verbal abuse by a partner or ex-partner. Group generally includes sharing and peer support, but may incorporate helpful informational materials. A children's group is also offered; transportation may be available.

Women Survivors of Domestic Abuse

(608) 252-1320

This group is for women who are dealing with the effects of emotional, verbal, and physical abuse by a current or ex-partner. The group discussion will focus on personal safety planning, consequences of abuse, and healing from abuse.