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On Call: Additional Information

On Call: Additional Information - Departments & Programs, UW Medical Foundation, Patient Resources, Social Work Services Quick Guide, Social Work Manual, On Call


Hospital Coverage for Evenings, Nights, and Weekends

When a Nursing Coordinator should be contacted:

When a Case Manager should be contacted (often contacted by care team leader):

When a Social Worker should be contacted (see Practice Guidelines for On-Call Social Work ):

Non-emergent situations:

Questions to ask when contacted:

Services Social Workers can provide:

Social Workers have made a commitment to be in-house within 45 minutes of a call when needed.

We should fill out On-Call Log and give to the Social Work Coordinator the next business day.

Peds Hints

As most of you know, the nursing supervisor will assist families with any financial needs.

Given that the situations we are called in for are complex, it is helpful to receive a description of the patient and the situation which includes: Why they are there, current medical condition and expectations, family members present, and how they appear to be coping with the situation. It is helpful to have this information prior to arriving as it can allow time to formulate a plan of action.

Typically, social work is called in when the staff is extremely busy and can not spend time with the family. For the most part, when the ICU calls, it is with the expectation that someone will come in. It has been frustrating for ICU staff when they have called social work and they feel the social worker on call tries to problem solve over the phone and does not agree to come in.

We are typically used at the time of death (however, this is often handled by the staff) or at the time of admission. It is a time to assist with basic needs such as housing, meal tickets and most importantly helping families to cope with the situation. It is also helpful to assess the families understanding of the situation. There are many times when it is simply helpful to listen to families and help them problem solve basic issues around housing and care for other children.

Please feel free to contact any of the Peds social workers for clarification or affirmation of a plan of action.