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Heart and Vascular

Heart and Vascular - Departments & Programs, UW Medical Foundation, Patient Resources, Social Work Services Quick Guide, Social Work Manual, Mental/Emotional Health, Support/Education/Treatment Groups


The Next Step: Living Your Life: Helping patients integrate the emotions and lifestyle changes that accompany heart and vascular disease diagnosis

This group addresses the specific emotional and behavioral challenges patients face when adjusting to the "new normal" of living with heart and vascular disease.

The group utilizes the latest research to educate patients about:

  1. Identifying and managing difficult emotional responses
  2. Acquiring behavioral strategies for successfully making lifestyle changes.

Provides an opportunity for patients to discuss their individual emotional reactions and adjustment concerns, seek professional guidance, and seek support from other patients.

Supportive materials will be distributed to promote comprehension and learning.

Participants: The group is open to all patients admitted for cardiac and vascular concerns. Caregivers are welcome if invited by the patient for whom they are caring.

Structure: The 60min group will be held on Tuesdays at 11:00 am in the lounge off of F4/5 (F4/508). This group will emphasize education and skill building while reserving time for patients to discuss their individual concerns and request guidance/support.

Facilitators: Penny Andrews, D.Min and Brian Juncker, Ph.D.