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Henning Fund

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From: Arneson Shawn D.
Sent: Monday, October 13, 2008 3:58 PM
Subject: NFL fund for Patient/Family Housing assistance is being replaced by the Henning Fund

Hi All,

We will no longer be using the NFL fund to assist pediatric housing costs at the RMH and local hotels. Instead, this will be replaced by the Henning Fund. Robert and Elizabeth Henning donated money earmarked for the Housing program many years ago and we feel it is better to use the Henning Fund to assist patients at the RMH and use the NFL fund for other needs at AFCH.

Operationally the only change is to approve, utilize and bill with the Henning Fund instead of the NFL Fund. So;

Social Workers/Case Managers - When approving housing funds, please inform Guest Services Staff to use the "Henning Fund"

Guest Services Staff - When authorizing the use of the fund, please inform the RMH staff to bill the "Henning Fund"

Laurie and RMH Staff - Please continue to send the bills to me, attn; "Henning Fund" instead of "NFL Fund" for all UWHC and AFCH approved visits.

Please forward this to others if you notice I forgot someone.

I would like to mention and thank the local Madison Chapter of the NFL Alumni that has assisted with paying for 1,000's of rooms for many years at RMH and before that at many Hotels.