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Independent Living Grants

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February March 2, 2012
From: Pattie Dorn, Manager, OT/Home Modification
Direct Line: (608) 268-9646
Email: pdorn@independentlivinginc.org

RE: Accessibility Modifications Grant Funds Availability

If you have patients/clients in need of accessibility modifications to enhance the safety of their homes, Independent Living, Inc. (ILI) has received funding from Dane County to assist low and moderate income individuals age 62 and over or with a disability with these modifications.

Our staff will perform an Occupational Therapy risk assessment for each individual as well as a complete home quality inspection to identify building issues requiring repair and/or replacement. ILI’s assessment would be to adapt homes to make them more accessible and safe for individuals with limitations in movement, strength, dexterity, eyesight or hearing.

This grant would cover safety and accessibility improvements such as ramps, railings, and step repair. We are developing a wait list for clients in need of portable medical equipment, which will be available summer of 2012.

Who would qualify?

• Any homeowner 62 and over, or a person with a disability
• Annual gross income meets HUD eligibility guidelines (for one person that could range from $17,400 to $45,500 per year)
• Property within Dane County, but outside the city of Madison, and have not received previous funding
• Financial assistance is also available for homeowners or renters within the City of Madison for purchase and installation of safety equipment and modification of their homes

If you have clients who would benefit from financial assistance from our home safety modification program or have questions about these or any of our services, please call Pattie Dorn, Manager, OT/Home Modification,
at (608) 268-9646. Please share this information with your staff.