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Meal Coupons

Meal Coupons - Departments & Programs, UW Medical Foundation, Patient Resources, Social Work Services Quick Guide, Social Work Manual, Food and Clothing


Meal coupons are generally used for inpatient and outpatient adult patients and their families. The use of meal coupons is designed to assist a family or outpatient with a short term need. The distribution of meal coupons is left to the discretion of the health care professional. These coupons may be distributed by social workers, case managers, outcomes managers and/or nursing coordinators. With a few rare exceptions meal coupons are not used in the inpatient pediatric units.

  1. Meal coupons must be obtained through the Coordinated Care office, located at E5/620 -6727. The telephone number is (608) 263-8667.
  2. Social workers are issued 10 meal tickets at a time. When we give a meal ticket out we need to record the MR#, patient name, and date given out a spreadsheet emailed by COC. Once the spreadsheet is complete (all 10 tickets given out) we email back to Diane Wright. She will then send a new spreadsheet via email and issue 10 more tickets.

  3. The coupons will be individually numbered and will be issued only by office personnel. The numbers on the coupons will be tracked.
  4. Coupons that are duplicated and not obtained from the Coordinated Care office will not be honored by cafeteria personnel.
  5. The coupon value is $5.
  6. The cost of meal coupons is charged to the Department of Coordinated Care, Case Management, and Social Work Services.
  7. Any question regarding this process may be addressed to Susan Fadness at (608) 263-7534 or sfadness@uwhealth.org.

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