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NOTE: Effective April 1, 2014, qualified hospitals will be able to make presumpatientive disability determinations for certain MA and BadgerCare populations.

If MA is essential to have in place in order to discharge the patient, it is sometimes quicker to go through the County Income Maintenance Office, applying for MA Presumptive Disability.

County Human Service Depatients have the authority to approve a Request for a Presumptive Determination (PD) of Disability.

Medicaid mandates that the Disability Determination Bureau (DDB) make a finding (approval or denial) within 3 working days upon receiving a County MA Disability (MADA) application with a Presumptive Determination (PD) Request included.

To speed up the process at the County, send in verification documents with the MADA application. Check with the county to see where the verifications should be submitted, as they may need to be sent to the CDP for scanning.

If caseworker asks for more verifications before or after the DDB medical finding, submit as quickly as possible.

When placement or numerous other high cost discharge needs are awaiting this PD decision, Social Worker can alert DDB Liaison.

Presumptive disability is approved as of the date all verification is received.

Request for Presumptive (DHFS)