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Income Maintenance Consortia

Income Maintenance Consortia - UW Medical Foundation, Patient Resources, Social Work Services Quick Guide, Social Work Manual, Financial, Medicaid a.k.a. Medical Assistance a.k.a. Title 19, Wisconsin


Starting in January 1, 2012, most income maintenance is going to be provided by county agencies that are part of a group called a consortium. Members may continue to get help applying for and managing benefits at their local agency that will be part of the new consortium. The goal of this change is to improve customer service and better manage enrollment services.

Consortia Directory

As you may have heard, the individual County Human Service offices have been grouped into 11 Consortia. With this change has come a modification on how cases get assigned to County workers, and a change on how paper Medicaid applications and supporting documents get submitted.

Under the new Consortia system, paper Medicaid applications and supporting documents must now be submitted to the Central Document Processing Unit (please see information below) and not the individual County offices.

Electronic applications submitted via the access.wi.gov website are not affected by this process.

Applicants will have their documents submitted to one of the two Document Processing Units listed below:

Central Document Processing Unit (CDPU)
PO Box 5234
Janesville, WI
Fax: (855) 293-1822

For applicants from Milwaukee and Menominee counties, mail/fax to:

Milwaukee Document Processing Unit
PO Box 05676
Milwaukee, WI 53205
Fax: (888) 409-1979

The CDPU will scan documents for Consortia and County workers to view.

To inquire about a pending application or to find out who the County worker is assigned to a particular case, you may call the appropriate Consortium depending on the applicant’s County of residence. If an application was submitted online, the answer to these questions can also be found via the access.wisconsin.gov website.

Our patients, who are Dane County residents, will not be affected by any of the changes brought on by the Consortia. Joan Corcoran will continue to process all Dane County applications as before. Supporting documents should be sent to her as well. It is helpful to send her an e-mail to tell her that you are sending her an application. Joan cannot process applications for other counties in the Capital Consortium. Joan continues to be a great resource for general questions and information about cases around the state (if you are having difficulty reaching the particular Consortium).

The Consortia system is being rolled out gradually. As such, Counties might still take applications, supporting documents, calls about cases directly or, they may require that transmission of information and phone calls be placed through the CDPU’s and the appropriate Consortia phone number.

Please let us know if you having difficulties or have suggestions. We'll try to be of help. Thank you.

Joshua Salazar: (608) 263-5889


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