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MA Applications: Social Work Standards

MA Applications: Social Work Standards - Departments & Programs, UW Medical Foundation, Patient Resources, Social Work Services Quick Guide, Social Work Manual, Financial, Medicaid a.k.a. Medical Assistance a.k.a. Title 19


Social Work Priorities

Priority 1: Uninsured UWHC Patients Requiring Placement or Lack Coverage for Post-Hospital Needs (SNF. TBI Center, Day Rehab, Outpatient Therapies, etc.)

Priority 2: Underinsured Patients or Patients with Large Insurance Co-Pay and Post Hospital Care May be Impacted

Priority 3: Uninsured UWHC Patients Without Coverage for Hospital and Clinic Services

Social Work Standards

  • If they do not already have an application started, discuss with other interdisciplinary team members and review the health record the status of the patient’s medical condition, seeking:
    • Impairment that will last 12 months or longer
    • Patient’s expected function at time of discharge
    • Estimated assistance/ supervision required at discharge
    • Placement in facility at time of discharge

SF 5.09
MF 09.12

Role of Government Programs Counselors

The government programs counselors (GPCs) provide assistance for patients treated both in the inpatient and outpatient areas. When an inpatient social worker is assisting a patient/family with MA or other applications, there is no need for the government programs counselors to be involved. Ownership of the process belongs to the social worker who is assisting the patient. This ownership is especially important when a patient’s discharge is dependent on the finalization of the MA process.

The government programs counselors are available to answer questions and process information with each social worker. Because of their large work load they should not be used as a clearing house and/or application checkers. Each social worker is responsible for reviewing the required documents, making certain all of the required forms and information is included.