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Social Security

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SSA's 800 number, (800) 772-1213, is available from 7am to 7pm. If a patient or family members has the patient's PIN number and password, he or she can access benefit verification on line.

The general number for the Madison SSA office is : (866)-770-2262

2015 Social Security Amounts

Disability Freeze

Disability Specialists

Estimate your Disability Benefits

Estimate your Retirement Benefits

Obtaining a copy of your Social Security Statement

Release of Information/Social Security - SSA3288 (for phone calls)

Returning to Work

UWHC/DDB Liaisons

Scott Campbell

John Crossman

Sue Remus

You may also call our Disability Determination Bureau (DDB) contacts to check the status of a claim. Our DDB contacts may request an SSA release. Also you may call the main DDB number, (608) 266-1565, (provided you have the social security number of the patient). You may inquire if the claim has been assigned to an examiner, and if so, who the examiner is, particularly if you have updated medical information to share. Examiners typically cannot share the outcome of a determination.

UWHC/SS Liaison

Work Quarters (see pg 12)