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My name is Katherine O’Rourke and I am a UW Ob/Gyn resident. I would like to let you know about Share the Health, a new free gynecology clinic for uninsured women in Dane County who need gynecologic specialty care. Share the Health is opening on January, 2014, and will see patients one Thursday night per month.

Share the Health’s goal is to improve the health of women in our community by filling in the gaps of currently available care. To ensure we provide care to patients with the greatest medical and financial need we will see patients on a referral basis only.

I have attached a brief flyer describing Share the Health as well as our referral form. We will have more information regarding the referral process, including the fax number to submit referral forms, within the next month.

Katherine O’Rourke
Pager 2605
Cell: (630) 370-0612