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KCI Ready Vac Checklist

KCI Ready Vac Checklist - Departments & Programs, UW Medical Foundation, Patient Resources, Social Work Services Quick Guide, Social Work Manual, Discharge Planning and Referrals, Wounds



  1. COC Staff bring the signed "Golden Ticket" to Heather’s office (or the COC office if Heather is off - Diane and/or Linda will help)
  2. COC Staff bring the MR # - This is not on the "Golden Ticket"
  3. COC Staff will fill out the log form in the binder (above Heather’s desk). Heather, Diane and/or Linda will initial that the information is there.
  4. Match the serial number off the singed “Golden Ticket” with the serial number on the Ready Care VAC box. (These are located behind Heather’s door in her office)
  5. COC Staff will have TWO "Golden Tickets" that printed off. We need one that is signed and dated. The other one goes to the patient when the COC staff delivers the VAC to them – this one should also be signed

**No "Golden Ticket" = No Wound Vac**

Heather, Diane, and/or Linda will fax the signed "Golden Ticket" to KCI – 1-888-245-2295 – after that is done, three hole punch the “Golden Ticket” and put it in the binder behind the Golden Ticket tab.

The confirmation of the "Golden Ticket" goes in the COC staff member’s mailbox that got the VAC.

Faxing in the "Golden Ticket" is VERY IMPORTANT. This orders our new Vacs and keeps everyone on the same page with KCI.

When a new Wound VAC comes to the office, we sign for it and put it behind Heather’s office door. The receipt that you get along with the new VAC goes in the black binder as well. There is a folder in the back of the binder – please put it in there.

If you can’t get a "Golden Ticket" to print out:

  1. Call the Help Desk (888) 275-4524 ext. 65080
  2. Call/email Jason Kamrath (608) 302-1740 or jason.kamrath@kci1.com
  3. Call/email Trevor Woodward, RN, BSN Clinical Account Manager (608) 359-2285 or trevor.woodward@kci1.com