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Hospital to Hospital Transfers

Hospital to Hospital Transfers - Departments & Programs, UW Medical Foundation, Patient Resources, Social Work Services Quick Guide, Social Work Manual, Discharge Planning and Referrals


If a patient was transferred to the UW from a local hospital and is finished with the care they were obtaining from us, we should explore transferring them back to their original hospital.

At times, patients with VA Benefits are admitted to the UW if the VA is full, or if they require care the VA can not provide at that point in time. Every effort should be made to transfer the patient to the VA when appropriate. The patient must consent to this transfer. See "VA Coverage of UW Hospitalizations" in the VA Section for more detail on the financial impact of this decision. You may tell patients that if they choose to stay at the UW, they will need to have a VA doctor write their new scripts on a VA prescription pad and get them filled at a VA pharmacy in order for them to be covered.

You may consult a list of hospitals with which we have made transfer agreements.

Patients must request or consent to transfer.

The UW physician should contact the patient's original referring physician to explore a transfer back to their facility. The contact at for the VA is the Urgent Care Admitting Doctor at 280-7012.

Once we are notified of MD acceptance, we must call the facility and speak to their transfer center/nursing supervisor to make sure they have available space and qualified personnel for treatment.

Appropriate transportation must be arranged by us.

Patient’s Request/Refusal/Consent to Transfer Forms:

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