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Sample Letter

Sample Letter - UW Medical Foundation, Patient Resources, Social Work Services Quick Guide, Social Work Manual, Discharge Planning and Referrals, Nursing Homes and Swing Beds, Placing Minors in SNFs


February 22, 2006

Bureau of Quality Assurance
Southern Regional Office
2917 International Lane, Suite 210
Madison WI 53704

Dear Ms. NAME:

I am writing regarding my patient, NAME, a minor (DOB) who is in need of skilled care in a skilled nursing facility. Mr. NAME was admitted to the University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics on DATE where he has remained hospitalized for treatment of injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident. He has orthopedic injuries and continues to be non-weight bearing on both lower extremities at this time. He was burned and has had several skin grafting surgeries and continues to require wound care. He was referred to FACILITY NAME as this facility is near to his home. He continues to require skilled care such as splinting, wound care, range of motion of his lower extremities, and strict adherence to his non-weight bearing status as he continues to progress. He will now be able to begin PT for sitting and transfer training. Special care will be required to prevent shearing of his grafts and to teach him safe techniques for management of his lower extremities in transfers. He should be able to start doing more of his own personal cares as he is able to be in a chair on a special pressure reducing cushion. He will be managed pharmacologically and through nonppharmacological interventions. He also requires monitoring of his lab values, especially his coumadin dosage to prevent DVT's. He is at the point in his recovery where working with skilled therapies is essential to his progress without causing further damage.

NAME has excellent support from his family who are in agreement with the plan for skilled nursing facility. His current restrictions in activity preclude a discharge to his home at this time. Once he is able to bear weight and learn independent transfers, he will be able to return home. NAME is also in agreement and would love to be closer to home. If you have further questions, please contact me. Thank you for your consideration of this matter.


SF 2/22/06