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Placing Minors in SNFs

Placing Minors in SNFs - Departments & Programs, UW Medical Foundation, Patient Resources, Social Work Services Quick Guide, Social Work Manual, Discharge Planning and Referrals, Nursing Homes and Swing Beds


Minors may be placed in SNF's if certain requirements are met:

HFS 132.51

(f) Minors

HFS 132.21 (2) & (3)

(2) Requirements for Waivers or Variances. A waiver or variance may be granted if the department finds that the waiver or variance will not adversely affect the health, safety, or welfare or any residence and that:

  1. Strict enforcement of a requirement would result in unreasonable hardship on the facility or on a resident; or
  2. An alternative to a rule, including new concepts, methods, procedures, techniques, equipment, personnel qualifications, or the conducting of pilot projects, is in the interests of better care or management

(3) Procedures


  1. All applications for waiver or variance from the requirements of this chapter shall be made in writing to the department, specifying the following:
    1. The rule from which the waiver or variance is requested
    2. The time period for which the waver or variance is requested
    3. If the request is for a variance, the specific alternative action which the facility proposes
    4. The reasons for the request; and
    5. Justification that sub (2) would be satisfied
  2. Requests for a waiver or variance may be made at any time
  3. The department may require additional information from the facility prior to acting on the request

Approval has to be obtained from one of the Bureau of Quality Assurance's Regional Offices.