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Important Message from Medicare

Important Message from Medicare - Departments & Programs, UW Medical Foundation, Patient Resources, Social Work Services Quick Guide, Social Work Manual, Discharge Planning and Referrals


Within 2 calendar days of admission, admission staff will meet with patients to explain their discharge appeal rights. They will obtain the signature of patient or patient's representative on the Important Message Form and have it scanned into EDM.

Within 2 days of discharge*, Coordinated Care staff will print a copy of this signed IM form, give it to the patient, and document delivery in the HealthLink Discharge Plan.

There are 3 different places this document may be found:

*This form should be delivered as far in advance as possible before discharge, but no more than 2 calendar days before the day of discharge. Allow at least 4 hours for patient to consider their rights. Cannot routinely deliver on discharge date.




Hospital Discharge Appeal Rights