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DC Packet Items

DC Packet Items - UW Medical Foundation, Patient Resources, Social Work Services Quick Guide, Social Work Manual, Discharge Planning and Referrals, LTACs , Select Specialty Madison


  1. Discharge Face Sheet
  2. Discharge Summary (preferably signed by the attending physician)
  3. PPOC
  4. Transfer orders per facility form (COBRA form)
  5. H&P
  6. All relevant consultation reports and surgical notes
  7. Copy of Advance Directive
  8. Last 3 days of labs
  9. All relevant culture reports
  10. Current medication administration form
  11. Results of swallow studies (if done)
  12. Front and back of insurance cards (if available)
  13. Last 2 days of physician orders
  14. Last 2 days of nurses notes
  15. Last 2 days PT, OT and ST notes (and initial evaluations)
  16. Most recent radiology reports
  17. Ventilator flow sheets
  18. R.T. notes for past 3 days
  19. Dietary plan and assessment

Nursing reports should be called to 260-2705