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UWMF Provider Enrollment has obtained NPIs for all providers billed for by UWMF. This includes both UWMF and UW Systems physicians and mid-levels.

Each Department Administrator has received a list of NPIs for all billing providers in their Department. Since this list was shared at the February Department Administrator meeting, I have asked Provider Enrollment to send updated, electronic lists to each Administrator.

UWMF Provider Enrollment has proactively shared NPIs with all major payers, hospital partners (including those in Appleton, Wausau and Eau Claire), and large medical groups in Wisconsin.

With respect to residents, UWHC's GME office obtained NPIs for all non-DFM residents who are eligible to receive a NPI. UWMF Provider Enrollment has obtained NPIs for the DFM residents.

With respect to UWHC clinical staff whose services are billed by UWHC, please contact the UWHC Compliance office.

Requests for NPIs

For providers billed by UWMF, as well as DFM residents: please direct all requests for NPIs received from external organizations (payer, provider, etc) to UWMF Provider Enrollment. Provider Enrollment can be reached at:

(608) 829-5485
(608) 833-9201 (fax)

Provider Enrollment is tracking and responding to all such requests.


NPI Registry