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Headache Clinic

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In the UW Headache Clinic we are happy to provide care for patients with a variety of primary and secondary headache disorders. Most patients will be followed by a single provider. Some patients will be asked to agree to a multi-disciplinary assessment during their first visit. At times, patients are not immediately eligible for an appointment in our clinic, but may be referred again at a later point once the following concerns have been addressed:

  1. Patients with an active psychiatric condition must have established care and be willing to continue care with a psychiatrist or psychologist
  2. Patients who use narcotic pain medication on 2 or more days per week are not eligible for treatment in our clinic. These medications will need to be discontinued prior to the first appointment. If necessary, these patients should successfully complete a detoxification program.
  3. Patient with a recent history of drug or alcohol abuse must first successfully complete an AODA program. These records would need to be sent with the referral.
  4. Patients need a referral from a primary provider who has evaluated the patient for the same condition int he past year. We cannot accept serf referrals or referrals from specialists.
  5. Patients must be at least 18 years of age at the time of their first appointment.