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Geriatrics & Falls Assessment Clinics

Geriatrics & Falls Assessment Clinics - Departments & Programs, UW Medical Foundation, Patient Resources, Social Work Services Quick Guide, Social Work Manual, Consult Services


Hello All,

Here at the UW Geriatric Clinic we provide both Primary Care and Specialty Care services. We have immediate availability with some of our Specialty Clinics, specifically in our Falls Assessment Clinic and our Geriatric Assessment Clinic.

Our Falls Assessment Clinic is multi-disciplinary, and patients are seen by a Geriatrics MD (with specialized training in issues of falls), a Physical Therapist (who specializes in falls/balance issues), and a Geriatrics Social Worker.

The Geriatric Assessment Clinic (GAC) is a consult clinic that offers specialized consult for a variety of issues that may arise with aging, such as: loss of functional abilities, complicated medical needs, failure to thrive, behavioral disturbances, mental health challenges, assessing appropriate level of care and needs, assessing capacity for decision making, etc. The GAC is also multi-disciplinary, and your patients would be seen by a Geriatrician and Geriatrics Social Worker.

Wanted you all to be aware of our availability, in case you have patients who could benefit from our services. To make a referral an order can be placed in Healthlink, or you could call the geriatrics clinic at 608-263-7740.

Please call with any questions.

Best regards,


April 10, 2013


UW Geriatrics Clinic