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Health Link DNR Orders

Health Link DNR Orders - Departments & Programs, UW Medical Foundation, Patient Resources, Social Work Services Quick Guide, Social Work Manual, Advance Directives, DNR/DNI


By UWHC Policy, DNR orders must be created as verbal orders, if not entered by the attending, and then the attending must co-sign the order.

However, in Health Link, any resident, NP or PA or attending can potentially write a DNR order in Standard mode (i.e., not a verbal order). The computer does not (and cannot) force the resident, NP or PA to enter the order as a verbal order.

The resident, NP or PA has to go to the ORDER MODE field and change the mode from Standard to Verbal, read back, confirmed.

Additionally, please note the following: The Providers screen comes up with the resident, NP or PA name defaulted into the Ordering Provider and Authorizing Provider fields. Therefore, for a DNR order, the resident, NP or PA will have to: Change the Ordering Provider from the resident's name to the attending's name, and enter his/her own name into the Entered by field.