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Child Protection Program Coverage

Child Protection Program Coverage - Departments & Programs, UW Medical Foundation, Patient Resources, Social Work Services Quick Guide, Social Work Manual, Abuse and Neglect, Child Abuse


  1. The on-call schedule for the Child Protection Program can be accessed via uconnect under web paging, and titled "Child Protection Program" monthly on-call calendar. The physician on call during the day and at night should be listed.
  2. Outpatient Child Protection patients are seen in the emergency department. This is considered clinic time and the only ED resources they usually use are the nurse’s time and the ED space. If there is urgency, contact the Child Protection Doctor on call. The ED doctors and social workers do not usually see these patients.
  3. Inpatient cases should be referred to the Child Protection physician on call. The pediatric social worker on triage (search under Social Work Peds Day Triage) for the day (8am to 4:30pm) can also assist.
  4. Sexual abuse cases are seen by Dr. Knox. However, if a child needs to be seen for an exam urgently and Dr. Knox is not available, the case must be referred to the SANE program at Meriter at (608) 417-5916. The SANE program nurses are available by pager 24/7 to complete these exams. The person can be directed to the Meriter ER to request a SANE exam. The Meriter ER staff will then page the nurse on call.Questions about abuse and/or neglect cases can be referred to the Child Protection physician on call. Questions about accessing records for law enforcement or CPS can be referred to the pediatric social worker on triage or the on call social worker, depending on the time of day. Records can be released to law enforcement or human services during an open child abuse investigation. Requests for Dr. Knox to train community members, attend meetings, or attend court proceedings can be referred to Cindy Moodie at (608) 263-9608