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The Patient Accounts department consists of the Credit Balance Resolution, Customer Service, Patient Financial Services and Special Billing Services Teams. Our teams have a strong resolve to provide excellent service to customers and adhere to specific service standards.


Patient Accounts Team Descriptions 

The Credit Balance Resolution Team is responsible for resolving undistributed credits, credit transactions/invoices and refund requests from insurance companies/third parties. This includes researching accounts, determining coordination of benefits, distributing/reapplying payments to the appropriate charges/transactions, and generating refund requests by following the established refund guidelines.

The Customer Services Team responds to the incoming calls and letters from patients, physicians, insurance carriers and other parties who have questions or concerns regarding the accuracy of their billing statement. This department will see walk-ins at the UW Hospital, 1 South Park as well as the Excelsior Drive location. The Customer Services Department is also responsible for resolving billing disputes, checking for coding accuracy, resolving overpayments and appealing claims with insurance carriers in a timely and efficient manner.

 The Patient Financial Services Team is responsible for resolving patient’s self pay balances, designing a payment plan when payment in full is not possible and recommending third party collections if necessary. This team responds to inquiries from the collection agencies as well as processing the remits received from the agencies. Patient Financial Services is also responsible for skip tracing activities and evaluating a patient’s financial situation to see if they would qualify for the UW Health Community Care program.

The Special Billing Services Team investigates third party liability/personal injury accounts, resolves Workers Compensation litigation accounts, researches, analyzes and resolves prepay, clinical trial/research, company, bankruptcy and estate accounts. This department is also responsible for follow up of possible Patient Relations issues.



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