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Medical Equipment Standards

Medical Equipment Standards - Departments & Programs, UW Medical Foundation, Materials Management, Supply Catalog, Materials Management


‌PeopleSoft Acronym: Medical Equip. Standards

Type: INV = Inventory Item | Type: NSTK = Non-Stock Item

ItemDescriptionTypeUOMPriceAccountMfg IDMfg Itm IDPicture
10422 Audiometer MA1, Air conduction screener, Easy one hand push button operation, Traditional binaural TDH-39, headset included. Fits in the palm of your hand, Carrying case included Exceptionally lightweight, only 1 pound NSTK EA $714.00 66410 Maico MA1 
11913 Baby Weigh II Scale provides accurate measurement of baby's weight just before and just after breastfeeding. The difference between these two weights equals breastmilk intake. 1/ea. NSTK EA $1,195.00 66410 Medela 0407020CONS 11913
16005 Blood drawing chair Extra tall and wide with flip arms, 1-1/4" square, heavy duty, all-welded, tubular steel frame, Adjustable height and depth flip arm. Armrest locks in place when in use, then flips out of the way for easy exit. Comfortable 2" padding throughout. Neutral Grey powder-coated frame. 2 knobs lock chrome armrest into position
Adjustable foot levelers. Easy-clean durable antimicrobial vinyl. 400 lbs. capacity.
NSTK EA $680.13 66410 Clinton CT6099-FA
16006 Blood Pressure Wall Aneroids, Certified accurate to ±3 mmHg. Mercury-free and latex-free for safety Ruby-jeweled movement for long life Laser-engraved dial face for accuracy. Large, easy-to-read dial face (6.25"/15 cm). Lifetime calibration warranty NSTK EA $150.24 66410 Welch Allyn-Tycos 7670-01 NA
10867 Connex ProBP 3400 with Sure Bp & mobile Stand NSTK EA $850.00 64410 Welch Allyn Inc 34XFST-B 10867
10112 Baby Changing Table: White, 25" height x 36" Length x 12" Depth;1/EA NSTK EA $226.26 66910 Koala Kare 6PXW4
16010 Cryosurgical Sprayer liquid nitrogen 0.5 liter w/4 spray apertures, Ergonomically designed comfort handle, new smooth flow spray technology offer precision accuracy of liquid nitrogen spray for better control. Uniform pattern on skin. Three year warranty NSTK EA $619.00 66410 Wallach 900076
16012 ECG Cart Midmark Iqcart, Oversized, industrial casters to minimize bounce over thresholds. Weight balanced to keep from overturning. 360 degree handle in front and back improves user interaction with the cart. Open, four-caster design allows for mobility without interference with the base. Storage basket (and add-on baskets) provide storage for Midmark IQdisposables NSTK EA $892.27 66910  Midmark  30041000
16011 ECG Machine-EPIC Iqecg, View and monitor live, 12-lead ECG in selectable formats on screen. Interpret and analyze data for neonate, pediatric and adult patients via the Midmark 12-lead Resting Electrocardiogram Analysis Program. Review and edit ECG results on-screen with free text or customizable quick edit statements. Perform serial comparison with overlay of up to 4 ECG tests. Save time and reduce data entry errors by populating patient information directly from your EHR/EMR software. Facilitate paperless office strategy-eliminate costs of thermal paper and the hassles of scanning and filing patient charts. NSTK EA $3,178 66410 Midmark 4-000-0061
16028 Fetal Doppler w/ 2MHX Probe LCD Display, Advanced real time auto-correlation fetal heart rate processing. Active noise reduction for crystal clear fetal heart sounds. 2MHz waterproof transducer suitable for use in a water birthing environment (FD1). 
Advanced power management with auto switch-off to conserve battery life.
NSTK EA $617.27 66410 Huntleigh FD1-P-USA
10429 The Aaron 1250 incorporates 120 watts of cutting power and 90 watts of blended
cutting. It also has two levels of coagulation, pinpoint (80 watts maximum power) and fulguration (40 watts maximum power), plus bipolar (30 watts maximum power).
NSTK EA $2,717.04 66410 Aaron Medical A-A1250
16032A Chrome IV Pole, Two Hooks,Heavy Base IV Stand Knob adjustment - Adjustment Range: 51.75" - 93.5" NSTK EA $65 66410 Invacare 4850A
10876 Infant Measuring Board Portable, 1/ea NSTK EA $329.79 66410 Seca S416
F1112 Light GS300 General Exam w Mobile Stand, 1 / ea NSTK EA $281 66410 Welch Allyn 44400
16054 Minor surgery and procedure-single head, Compact 20" (51 cm) diameter
lighthead. Extremely smooth focus mechanism withcenter sterilizable handle. 360° limitless arm and mounting system rotation around vertical axes (on single ceiling models). Cool operation for long hours of use
NSTK EA $2,580 66410 Burton A100SC
4127 Mfg# 2960-4 Refrigerator/Freezer thermometer w/external temp probe sealed in a mini bottle filled w/glycol solution; HI/LO memoray/alarm -50-70 deg c; -58-158 deg f; 10' cable trace nist w/batt ext temp probe 2.75" X 4.25" X .75" NSTK EA $34.00 66410 Cardinal Health CH2960-4
10281 Medication Freezer, 15", 1.5 cubic feet, manual defrost, ideal for countertop or point of use storage applications. NSTK EA $1,338.30 66410 Marvel Scientific 15CAF
16044 Standard Ophthalmoscope Head Only, 6 apertures for generalist use: micro, small,
and large spot sizes, fixation target, slit aperture, and red-free filter. 28 focusing lenses with a range of -25 to +40 diopters.
Rubber brow rest prevents scratching of eyeglasses.
NSTK EA $138 66410 Welch Allyn  WA11720  
16050  Otoscope Head Macroview delivers almost twice the field of view at higher
magnification compared to standard otoscopes, making it easier to visualize the auditory canal and tympanic membrane.
NSTK EA  $126.19 66410  Welch Allyn WA23810  
16048A Otoscope/Ophthalmoscope Wall Transformer and Specula Dispenser. Offers the flexibility to add on as you grow.
Handle-based rheostats for quick light intensity adjustments. Modular design provides the ability to add a third handle or SureTemp® thermometer. OptiSenseTM sensor automatically turns handles on and off when removed and replaced from cradle.
NSTK EA  $269.69  64410  Welch Allyn  77510  
16047 Otoscope/Ophthalmoscope Desk Charger with 2 NiCad Handles, Colored LEDs indicate power to the unit and that handles are charging. Advanced circuitry for constant automatic safe charging and optimum lamp. NSTK EA $255.00 66410 Welch Allyn 71630
16057 Pulse Oximeter-Adult Sensor Dura-Sens AD finger clip Oximetry Reusable Adult digit clip F/Nellcor. 24" length NSTK EA $81.32 66410 Nellcore DS-100A
16056 Pulse Oximeter Sensor Dura-Y Oximetry Reusable universal Y sensor F/Oximax NSTK EA $164 66410 Nellcore DYS
16055 Handheld Pulse Oximeter Kit with Adult and Pediatric reusable sensor NTSK EA $418.70 66410 Covidien PM10N-PDN
10719 Dorm size, Non Medical Refrigerator NSTK EA $160.00 66910 American TV NA NA
16059 Baby Scale Electronic Didital Display. Weighing Units include pound, ounces or kilograms and are dual rarge for more precise readings at lower weights. NSTK EA $257 66410 Healthometer 522KL
10423 Scale, Waist-High Physician Scale, 500lb Capacity, 6 AA batteries included,
Optional 120V adapter (order # ADPT31)
NSTK EA $336 66410 Healthometer/Pelstar LLC 500KL
16060 Portable Wheelchair Scale - Does Not Include Adaper NSTK EA $1,725 66410 Detecto DBRW100
13401 Refrigerator - Medication 11 c.f.24.25"Wx70.5"Hx 24.5"D, 5, 5 Roll Out Baskets, LED display, self closing glass door, indicate door swing.$510.00 shipping is additional NSTK EA $2,865.00 66410 Helmer HPR111
13400 Refrigerator - Medication 4 c.f. 24"Wx31.5"Hx 26.75D" 2 shelves, LED display door mounted, indicate door swing. Estimated Shipping $538.44 Is Additional NSTK EA $2,264.76 66410 Helmer HLR104-ADA
16085 Wheelchair Scale Adapter NSTK EA $49.16 66410 Detecto 62472-030
16061A Spirometer digital w/cal Syringe, IQ Mark PDA Kit, Portable Port, Disp.
Mouthpiece, Nose Clips, EPIC Comp
NSTK EA $2,309 66410 Midmark 4-000-0026
C6975 S-Scort Duet Suction Unit, 1/ea NSTK EA $750 66410 Armstrong Medical AE-6975
16065 Stadiometer(Height Rod) Accuhite 1/16"AND 1MM Incr, Height Measurement Wall Mounted
24-83" Range Level Bubble w/LCK Headpiece. Drop Ship Only
NSTK EA $127 66410 Seca 216SC
16066 Rigid Step Stool w/Handrail & Rub Mat, Chrome 9" X11.25 width X14.25"
NSTK EA $47 66910 Brewer 11220
16069 Thermometer Sys LCD w/4 ft Oral Probe,Wall Mount, Ergonomic design - comfortable to hold, easy to use, and very durable. Interchangeable, removable probe wells reduce the risk of cross-contamination. Large LCD display with location identification capability.
Includes a 60-second pulse timer for counting pulses and respirations. Mechanical or electronic security options to help prevent theft. Takes approximately 5,000 readings on 3 "AA"batteries.
NSTK EA $178 66410 Welch Allyn W01690-400
11547 Oral Probe- Replacement part for the Sure Temp. Need Serial Number Always 4Ft cord w/well, 1/ea NSTK EA $46 66410 Welch Allyn W02893-000
16035 Stand, Mayo Instrument Stainless steel, removable tray, U-shaped base, two rubber wheels NSTK EA $105 66410 Brewer 11100
16003 Sterilizer the Midmark M11 UltraClave® Automatic Sterilizer provides an intuitive display and simple prompts that help you easily select the cycle you need, whether it is for unwrapped items, pouches, packs or handpieces. Once the sterilization process is complete, the door conveniently opens automatically and quietly to dissipate the steam and provide fast and efficient drying of your instruments. NSTK EA $3,899 66410 Midmark-Ritter M11-022
16080 Autoclave printer for M11 and M9 NSTK EA $342.38 66410 Midmark-Ritter 9A259001 NA
16019 Table Exam 204, Pelvic Tilt, Drawer Heater, One-Piece Seamless Drawers. Stylish and Easy to Clean, Enlarged Footstep. Storage Access and Volume. Increased Weight Capacity 550lb. NSTK EA $668 66410 Midmark 204-002
16020 Table top with upholstery 204, Seamless Upholstery Top NSTK EA $228 66410 Midmark 20870232 NA
16022 Table Top for Examination table with Upholstery 230 NSTK EA $466 66410 Midmark 002-0824-XXX
16021 Table Universal Power Table Procedure, 450LB Base OnlyPaper Roll Holder, Stainless Steel Treatment Pan, Stirups NSTK EA $5,606 17100 Midmark 230002
16027 Table, Urology Drain pan Optional for the 204, 222, 230 and 630 tables. Most sites only order
this for the 230 and 630 tables
NSTK EA $452.00 66410 Midmark NOFILE NA
16023 Table Procedure, Barrier-Free Universal (450lb) Base Only, Paper Roll Holder, Stirups, Programmable position
options,Power height, back, foot and tilt
450-pound patient weight capacity
NSTK EA $9135.08 17100 Midmark 630-020
16024 Table Top for Procedure Table 630 premium upholstery NSTK EA $618 66410 Midmark 002-0725-232
11411 Vaginal Illumination System Cordless, Advanced LED light source provides improved visualization of the exam area by supplying brighter, whiter light.
No cord to get in the way during procedures. Automatically illuminates upon insertion of the illuminator and once it is removed the light goes off. Use your Cordless Illumination System as an all purpose light source as well as with the KleenSpec® Disposable Vaginal Speculum.
NSTK EA $213.72 66410 Welch Allyn 79910
16075 Wheelchair 22" 350lb Capacity Extra Wide, Rem Arm Desk Lenght, Elev Leg Rest Novaplus NSTK EA $249.20 66410 Medline MDS806850 
11413 Wheelchair Anti-theft Bar 16" - 22"1/EA NSTK EA $47.75 66410 Medline MDS85196 NA