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Ordering Letterhead and Letterhead Envelopes

Ordering Letterhead and Letterhead Envelopes - Departments & Programs, UW Medical Foundation, Materials Management


Ordering of UWMF Letterhead or Envelopes is now done electronically through Badger Graphics.

For access to the Badger Graphic E-connect ordering website, please complete the UWMF Access to Badger E-Connect Request Form. Completed forms are automatically routed to the appropriate managers to approve staff logins electronically. You will receive an email from Kasey Nygaard at Badger Graphics with your log in and instructions.

Letterhead can be ordered in packs of 500 with a minumum order of 2 reams:


PS Item Number

Quantity per ream

2 pack minimum

Price Per Ream of 500


500 sheets per ream

2 ream minimum order



$38.00 ream – 2-4 reams


$36.50 ream – 5-9 reams


$35.75 ream – 10-19 reams


$34.00 ream – 20+ reams


Envelopes can be ordered in boxes of 500 with a minimum order of 2 boxes:

Letterhead Envelopes

PS Item Number

Quantity per pack

2 box minimum order

Price Per Box of 500


500 envelopes per box

1000 (2 box) minimum order

$55.75 box - 2–4 boxes


$52.75 box – 5–9 boxes


$49.75 box – 10–19 boxes


$48.00 box – 20+ boxes

Please allow one week for delivery.

UWMF’s Badger Graphic Reps

Jody Cline: (608) 318-1964, jody@bgsinc.com

Mike Henning: (608) 513-6122, mikehe@bgsinc.com