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Copy Center - Departments & Programs, UW Medical Foundation, Materials Management

The UWMF Copy Center provides full service photocopying and finishing for all departments of the UW Medical Foundation.


Effective September 8, 2015, the Copy Center has transitioned to Badger Graphics for UWMF copying needs.

Badger Graphics is the source for all of your high volume printing and copying work. Here is how it works. Use the Badger Graphics link to choose or attach the jobs that you need to be completed. You will need to have a log-in and password that is assigned by Badger Graphics. Here is how you obtain your access to the Badger Graphics site.

Complete the UWMF Access to Badger E-Connect form

Once you complete the form and have entered all the information, the form is routed to the Storeroom mailbox and to your Director. Once your Director has reviewed the request and approved the access, the request is sent to Badger Graphics. Badger Graphics will send you an email that includes your log-in, password and instructions.

If you have any questions about your log-in or set-up, contact Materials Management at (608) 826-6800.

If you currently have a log-in and password for Badger Graphics E-Connect, you will log into Badger E-Connect as you normally do and click on the "Copy Center" button to submit print/copy work.

The link to the Badger Graphics E-Connect is located in Quick Links > Business Links > Badger E-Connect.