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Financial Reporting and Treasury

Financial Reporting and Treasury - Departments & Programs, UW Medical Foundation

The UWMF Financial Reporting, Compensation and Treasury teams oversee all monetary tracking and reporting necessary for an accurate financial process. The physician compensation, treasury, accounting and payroll teams work together to handle all financial concerns directed to the financial reporting and treasury department.


UWMF Financial Reporting, Compensation and Treasury Teams

Physician Compensation: The Physician Compensation Team is responsible for directly coordinating the physician compensation plans for the medical school departments. Specifically, this Team prepares statistical summaries and special reports, researches compensation trends, and calculates physician compensation guarantees and changes. The Team also serves as a resource to the Executives, Department Administrators, and Physicians in regard to company compensation issues.

Treasury: The Treasury Team is responsible for the following: all bank transactions to include interest payments, principal payments/balances, loan covenant and loan agreement compliance, cash management to include investment portfolio decisions, cash reports, cash analysis and reconciliation to billing system, and cash forecasting. The Treasury Team also maintains the Reserve accounts.

 Payroll: Payroll is responsible for the administration of the non-physician and physician payrolls. Wage and salary adjustments are authorized through the physician compensation team and human resources. Payroll reconciles benefits and is responsible for all government filings and the common paymaster with the medical school. Learn more about UWMF Payroll.

Financial Analysis/Reporting: Financial Reporting is responsible for issuing a variety of financial reports in formats which comply with national accounting standards and show the revenues and expenses incurred throughout the organization. This includes monthly consolidated & divisional financial statements that are presented to the Board of Directors and Finance Committees, and monthly Budget to Actual and Cash to Accrual reports that are issued to each department / specialty. They are also responsible for information used to file our annual tax and information returns with the IRS.


What do I do with the check I just received for jury duty?

Sign the check and send both the check and remittance advice to the Payroll department at interoffice code 404.

Who should pay Physician Assessments?

Any doctor that has been an attending physician for the period of 7/1 through 6/30 must pay this annual fee for data collection, collected by the state of WI. Doctors that change employment are reviewed individually.


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