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The Finance department's multiple teams work together to ensure UWMF's financial integrity, day-to-day financial operations and long term monetary strategies.


The UWMF Finance department works closely with the UWMF Board of Directors, UWMF Executive Management and UW Medical School Executive Management to meet the financial reporting needs of the organization. Our managers are engaging their teams in the disciplined, systematic implementation of the funds flow model and faculty compensation plans.

Viewing Your Financial Information

Through the Payroll and Compensation home page of Employee Self Service (ESS) you can now view your UWMF paycheck history, direct deposit, tax withholdings and voluntary deduction information. Simply click on the Employee Self Service link to get started!

You will be prompted to log in to ESS using your Novell username/password. Users located at UW Hospital and Clinics sites may attempt login with a UWHC username/password, if Novell information is unknown.

For login assistance, contact the UWMF Support Center at (608) 829-5474. If you have questions regarding navigating or data in Employee Self Service, please call Payroll at (608) 821-4176.



As a provider who do I contact with questions regarding my salary and taxes?

Contact Stacy Schultz at (608) 821-4899 or stacy.schultz@uwmf.wisc.edu.

How can I obtain a copy of the fee schedule or locate the fee for a specific service?

Fees can be obtained on all medical services provided by UWMF by CPT code.

Fee Schedule Lookup

If you are unable to access the fee schedule, contact Pam MacLeod, Fee Analyst, at 821-4178 or pam.macleod@uwmf.wisc.edu.

How can UWMF employees find out how much money is left for continuing medical education (CME) classes?

Department supervisors/managers track the CME money available for their departments. Please contact them with your inquiries.

How do I change my tax withholding?

A. Fill out the W-4 (Federal) and/or WT-4 (State) form. Turn the form into payroll by sending it via interoffice mail to 414 FIN. You may also fax the form to payroll at (608) 821-4288.

How do I determine what account to use when coding an expense?

Please consult the current Coding Guide (xls) provided by the UWMF Finance Department). If you cannot find the answer there (or if you need a copy of the file), please contact the Finance Department at (608) 821-4269 or finance@uwmf.wisc.edu or one of the people listed in the contacts section of the coding guide.

How do I get access to decision support reports?

Please have your manager complete the Service Now computer access form online. Report access is available through the LaunchPad section of the form.

How do I order a capital asset?

Complete a Capital Asset Documentation and Authorization (CADAF) form prior to ordering a capital asset. The definition of a capital asset, purchasing policies and CADAF forms are available in the forms section of the finance department page.

How do I obtain cost or fee information on medical services?

Price estimates can be obtained from UWMF's Priceline (608) 829-5637. The Price Estimates Policy may also be found in the policy section of U-Connect, listed under Patient Business Services.

I need a check ASAP. Can this be done? Can I add one more invoice to the check run?

Accounts Payable checks are run on Thursdays. Completed invoices received by 4:00 p.m. the previous Thursday are processed for payment on Thursday. Completed invoices are invoices that have the proper approvals, backup documentation and coding. For internal control purposes, we try not to do special check runs. For exceptions to this policy, please contact Bev Sears, Director, at (608) 821-4231 or Beverly.Sears@uwmf.wisc.edu or Lisa Ayala-Oliva, A/P Supervisor, at (608) 821-4805 or Lisa.Ayala-Oliva@uwmf.wisc.edu.

I noticed a mistake in Expense Coding. Who corrects expense coding mistakes?

Contact a member of the Finance Accounting Analysis team to make the correction.

I'm having problems with the charge card machine. Who can help me?

Call (800) 552-5828 to contact Merchant Services.

My deposit wasn't picked up by the couriers today. What should I do?

Call (608) 821-4190 and ask for Megan or Marita.

There is money missing from the deposit. What should I do?

Call (608) 821-4190, ask for the deposits staff, and complete an incident report form.

The data reported on MyEpic is not detailed enough. How do I access the detail?

Call (608) 821-4190, ask for the deposits staff, and complete an incident report form.

What do I do with a State Medical Society Bill?

Code, sign and send it to Accounts Payable. If you feel that the recipient of the bill is actively involved in the State Medical Society, please forward or email supporting documentation to Accounts Payable.

What do I do with the check I just received for jury duty?

Sign the check and send both the check and remittance advice to the payroll department at interoffice code 414.

What is an RVU?

An RVU is a method for measuring the work associated with delivering medical services. The RVU is broken into several components. The two main components are work (for professional services) and facility (for clinical space). The RVU is a method used across many medical industries to evaluate production by determining benchmarks. If you need additional information, please contact UWMF Decision Support at (608) 821-4115, or email DecisionSupport@uwmf.wisc.edu.

What is PAT?

PAT stands for professional/ancillary/technical. PAT is an internal tool used to allocate revenue to the appropriate cost centers/departments. PAT is based on individual procedures performed and the associated RVU's, based on where the procedure was delivered. If you need additional information, please contact UWMF Decision Support at (608) 821-4115 or email DecisionSupport@uwmf.wisc.edu.

What is the policy on reimbursement of employee expenses?

The policy is in the U-Connect policies section under the Accounts Payable policies.

If you don’t find what you need on the intranet, the main Accounts Payable phone number is (608) 821-4180, or you can email us at AccountsPayable@uwmf.wisc.edu.

What malpractice coverage do physicians need upon retiring from UW Health?

A. For any questions about malpractice coverage, please contact the UWMF Risk Management department at (608) 821-4231 or (608) 821-4805.

Where can I find information about mileage reimbursement?

Information about mileage reimbursement can be found in the Policies section of U-Connect. If you have additional questions about mileage reimbursement, please contact UWMF Accounts Payable at (608) 821-4180.

Where can I find information regarding UWMF fees and billing procedures?

Information regarding fees and billing procedures can be found in the Guide to UWMF Fees and Billing. Located under “Show all Worklists”, Billing References, Fees and Billing Guide. To obtain copies of the printed booklets, contact Pam MacLeod in Finance, at pam.macleod@uwmf.wisc.edu.

Where do I find the cash replenishment form?

Go to finance forms, select the appropriate form and fill it out. Then send it to the petty cash coordinator.

Where do I find the petty/patient cash surveys?

Go to finance forms, select the appropriate form and fill it out. Then send it to petty cash coordinator.

Who do I call if the 55200 Kronos time clock line is always busy?

Please contact UWMF Payroll at (608) 821-4170 to report the problem.

Who do I contact for information about my malpractice insurance?

Physicians should contact the UWHC Risk Management department at (608) 261-1327.

Non-physician employees can contact UWMF Risk Management at (608) 821-4231 or (608) 821-4184.

Who keeps track of Professional Development funds?

Each department maintains records of funds used for professional development.

Who should pay Physician Assessments?

Any doctor that has been an attending physician for the period of 7/1 through 6/30 must pay this annual fee for data collection, collected by the State of WI. Doctors that change employment are reviewed individually.

Why do I receive the Provider Activity Report every month?

The intent of the Provider Activity Report is to give providers detailed information regarding the billing activity that has been posted to Healthlink. This gives providers the ability to track their services and productivity on a monthly basis and to compare themselves to benchmark data.

Why do the LaunchPad reports have so many parameters?

Decision support has attempted to allow the most flexibility possible in the standard set of reports to allow users the most anticipated options that they would need to access data. This process was done in order to make users as self-sufficient as possible.




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