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The UW Medical Foundation Facilities department plans and directs overall management of physical facilities and related services and also manages all real estate and construction projects for UWMF.


The UWMF Facilities department plans and directs overall management of physical facilities and related services including:


How can I get a hold of a Facilities technician?

To contact a technician, call (608) 287-2952 or (608) 287-2951. If no one answers immediately, leave a message and someone will get back to you.

How do I dispose of old furniture and medical equipment?

To dispose of old furniture and medical equipment, submit a service request.

How do I fed-ex an item overnight or ground?

For ground requests: Fed-ex picks up at the Facilities loading dock at 3:30pm Monday through Friday.

For overnight requests: Overnight requests can be sent from your own site. Please call the Facilities department for more information.

How do I get a bid on new casework?

Please submit a service request.

How do I get a light bulb replaced?

You should first place a Facilities Maintenance and Service Request (UWMF). If it is an emergency, please call your Facilities Tech, using the Location Assignments - UWMF Facilities guide to find the correct number.

How do I get a piece of equipment or a tool repaired?

The clinic coordinators are notified by e-mail when Mobile Instruments will be at 1 South Park. They are advised to send their sterilized tools or instruments to 300 Facilities by ID mail with a return address attached. These tools are fixed/ sharpened right on site by Mobile Instruments and sent back to the department or site the same day.

Instruments, such as light scopes, are sent to 300 Facilities with a return address and explanation of what is wrong included. These are picked up by BioMed, fixed and returned to the site by BioMed. BioMed picks up the equipment, repairs it and sends it directly back to the department or site.

How do I get soap and paper toweling replaced in the restroom dispensers?

You may call the Facilities department at (608) 287-2952.

How do I obtain a parking sticker for the 1 S. Park location?

Ask for Kathy from the Facilities department. Please bring a driver license and plate number.

How do I send mail, x-rays or lab specimens to another clinic or site?

Check the courier schedule. Figure that it will be a half-day turn around unless a clinic or site gets only one stop a day.

How do I solve an air or heating (HVAC) problem?

If it is an urgent matter, call the Facilities desk at (608) 287-2952. If the issue can wait, submit a service request.

How do I submit a Facilities work order request?

Managers and supervisors should normally place a Facilities Maintenance and Service Request (UWMF).

How to get vomit, blood or urine stains cleaned up?

Check the “Safety Emergency Procedures Quick Reference Guide” if the spill is internal to your department. It is a multicolored flip chart that is available in many areas of all of the departments. Housekeeping can be contacted at 1 South Park to clean up areas of public access.

What do I do if I have snow plowing issues?

Clinic sites should first contact their snow plow vendor and explain the issue. Please call Facilities at (608) 287-2950 for more information.

What is the courier schedule?

Please review the Courier Schedule and Route. For more information, please call Facilities at (608) 287-2950.

When should I contact the Facilities department?

You should contact the Facilities department if you experience any of the following:


AOB Conference Room Request

Courier Schedule and Route

Facilities Maintenance and Service Request