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Prospective UW Health Observer Overview

Prospective UW Health Observer Overview - Departments & Programs, UW Health, Vendor Liaison Office


As part of our mission, UW Health is committed to providing education services to the community and for that reason we welcome "observers" to visit for educational purposes. The following documents serve to provide guidelines to maximize the educational experience of observers while maintaining a safe and healthy environment for our patients. 

An observer is an individual present for a period of time for the purpose of watching the performance of duties by others. Volunteers, students enrolled in a school which has an affiliation agreement with UW Health, employees and vendors are not considered observers. Individuals in the process of being considered for employment at UW Health are sometimes allowed by Human Resources to observe operations, and Human Resources manages the observation experience of these individuals. 

For all other prospective observers, UW Health has separate application processes for physicians and non-physicians. The following links provide additional information and forms to complete.