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Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) describes the integration of the real-time communication tools you are using today to create a consistent, unified interface and user experience across multiple devices and media types. UCC is not a single product. UCC combines enterprise communications services such as:

As we like to say: Any device, anywhere, anytime!

An important driver for the growth of UCC is mobility and the remote worker. No communication segment is growing faster than mobile communications, and virtually every smart phone comes equipped with video chat, IM, directory and other UC features

A key first step in the UCC migration is getting implementing Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). UW Health started this migration in the outlying clinics of the former UW Medical Foundation. Now the UCC team is finishing up this process by migrating all of the telephones at the Clinical Sciences Center, an enormous task with lots of moving parts!

Our goal is to have all telephone lines (including faxes!) using VoIP by March 2018.


What is Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC)?

FMC incorporates mobile devices and mobile networks into the UC&C ecosystem - providing collaborative applications equally well on a wired desktop station as on an intelligent mobile device.

How Do I Plug in a Patient Room Phone?

Please see the Patient Phone Placement Guide


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