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Video Interpreter User Guide

Video Interpreter User Guide - Departments & Programs, UW Health, Unified Communications, Patient Video Services, Telehealth Technology, Video Interpreter Services, Resources

Video Interpreter User Guide
Authorized for Staff use ONLY
Interpreter quality issues call: (608) 262-9000
Technical issues call: (608) 265-7777
Return iPad to department designated location after use.
All iPads are GPS monitored. Call Help Desk immediately if iPad is missing.
Wipe iPad after each use
Step 1 : Turn iPad on by pressing
power button.
Step 3:Select the desired
language. Swipe left for more
Helpful User Tips
Step 2: Login to LanguageUc by
selecting the green Login button.
Speak directly to patient, not
the interpreter.
Use the self-view screen to
ensure the interpreter can
see you and the patient
clearly; they may briefly ask
you to adjust your screen.
To ensure accuracy, make
sure you and the patient are
not back-lit by a window or
other light source.
For Languages Not
Available via Video
Select the 200 +
Language via Audio tab