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Video Interviews

Video Interviews - Departments & Programs, UW Health, Unified Communications, Meeting Technology


If you have a UW Health WebEx account, you can use it to interview an applicant via video.  

Never done a video interview before via WebEx? Submit a Service Now ticket to request training.

To Do:

  1. Reserve a room for the interview that already has the equipment installed which supports video.
    1. If hosting from a UW Health Conference Room, look in Outlook for a room with “+ Video” by the room name. This indicates the room has a Video System
      1. Example: 
    2. If hosting the interview in an office, the hiring manager needs a multimedia monitor (with camera, mocrophone and speakers) or a webcam and speakers they are familiar using.
  2. Identify who will be the on-site super user to assist and set up the interview if not you. 
  3. Test with the applicant ahead of time to be sure you can hear and see the applicant clearly.
    1. See UW Health WebEx handout,
    2. Schedule a test interview using your UW Health WebEx account
    3. Email the applican the following
      1. Outlook invite with date and time of test
      2. WebEx invitation for your test interview
      3. WebEx Applicant User Guide
      4. Tip: Full Screen Mode for Interviews
  4. Email the on-site super user (if not you) and hiring manager the WebEx invitation for the interview. Include the following: 
    1. If the hiring manager is using a computer in an office attach
    2. If the hiring manager is using a video system in a UW Health conference room, attach
      1. All WebEx meetings must have the WebEx host start the meeting
      2. If you will not be present for the interview, you must email the super user/hiring manager the Host Key (not password) to dial into the video system. This is in your host confirmation email.
      3. Be sure to find out if the on-site super user or hiring manager requires orientation and training in advance on the room or equipment. If so, have them enter a ServiceNow request for training.