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Audio Only Conference Bridges

Audio Only Conference Bridges - Departments & Programs, UW Health, Unified Communications, Meeting Technology


UW Health currently offers Audio Only conference bridges through AT&T. We offer “loaner” bridges, which you can reserve for a specific date/time, or you can request your own audio only bridge, which will be available to you whenever the need arises.

All conference bridges come with a toll-free number for users to call, and a passcode. There is no cost for the bridge itself, only the time you use it. The price for audio only conference bridges is $0.04 per minute per caller.

Charges are based on per user, per minute, so if you have 5 people calling into the bridge, and your meeting lasts 1 hour, you are charged for 5 hours of meeting time. If 2 of the 5 are in the same conference room sharing a phone, then you are only charged for 4 hours of meeting time.

If you are part of the previous UW Medical Foundation cost coding, you will be charged for your time on the bridge. If you are a part of the previous UW Hospitals and Clinics, we are not currently billing back for usage.

To order an audio only conference bridge, either 1 time or for yourself, open a Service Now ticket or call the Help Desk at (608) 265-7777 to open a ticket. You need to include your Cost Coding, Your Name (your Unit information is not sufficient), and your e-mail address. If this bridge is for a single use, we need to know the date and time you want to begin, and how long you want your call to last. Remember, we only bill for actual usage, so you can reserve for 90 minutes, but if your call ends after 65 minutes, you are only charged for 65 minutes times the number of users calling in.